Always wondered if being stupid is a gift… Why do we think to be logical at every thing? Sometimes isn’t it best to be ignorant and avoid all the life’s tensions.

I wonder how people are ignorant that
– they dont look both sides before they cross roads.
– they open car door in the middle of a Road without signaling.
– shift lanes without indicators.
– they club/hire people just dumb as themselves to fit the team.

and more.. but whatever it is, they would not know that they r doing something so stupid that it p*sses off others on the road.. most particularly me :).

Being Ignorant !

I wish i were that ignorant that i would get away with doing something stupid..and never know that i was a simpleton !..

If you feel i have already got away with such a thing.. then.. i consider my self successful.. 🙂

Way to go Life !.

My take at evolution…

Here’s how I believe that we’ve all evolved.

For this I assume super intelligent beings existent already… (Don’t know who created them but they do exist somehow…)All the beings (I’ll call them that) have the phases such as

Create -> use -> destroy

In the creation phase, the super intelligent beings created some less intelligent beings some gillion years ago.. (That sounds really long time ago)… Then after that each less-intelligent species started to create even lesser and dumber species…

Thinking that they can make their own work easier… (Just as we currently are using computers/robotics/automobiles). The fact is that we are creating even dumber beings to support us

Extra Terrestrial       Human.     Robo

And that was about the “use” phase of the evolution… And finally the scary destroy phase happens eventually… dont know when… but soon…

It’s the same as recursion. The dumbest beings die first… and up the hierarchy… then somehow the last beings survive to initiate the thing of evolution all over again…

Believe me this thing’s real… think about it!

Ever wondered if we are all bounded by some constraints and wanna break them all open ?

Caged Birds

I see a pair of birds caged everyday. Some times they appear playful and the other time i feel that they want to break the cage open that instant and fly to freedom.

I feel that i should set them free.. But are they safe out there ? . I cant say.. But people say that there are lots of birds living on their own .. Without the protection of the cage.. without my help .. And they are fine.. (atleast lets just say that).

But how do i judge if protecting the birds is the right thing ? . Is it ? or should they be left.. I have both perspectives.. But i still am hoping for the birds safety.

The Israeli defense has got way over my creativity.. Definitely people there r more Creative(or  destructive as i would put this).. I was reading this Article which says that Israeli security system gets invoked… or creates some alarming sound when all the dogs in the city.. (or may be dogs in the neighborhood) make strange equal frequency barks..

My earlier experience… or i would say .. my insight into the whole barking-dog thing is that .. “Dogs bark together when one of them gets pissed off“.. Normally in India, dogs bark at same frequencies when some Rag-picker enters the colony or something… So what if there is something like this and whoosh.. a missile takes of from Somewhere.. :)…

I just hope understanding that dog’s equal-frequency-howling has only reached to having a missile take off.. What can we expect next ?? . Talking dogs ? . I guess they r already there.. as shown on the Guinness Book of World Records Show..

Anyway i’ll never understand all this.. I stick to my programming…
and you stick to your daily life..

Evolution will eventually find its way .. at least for me .. I hope so.

Just came across a News Article, which says Lalu Prasad Yadav Ji, our Railway minister has lectured students from the World’s Best MBA Universities

(what does best come to when
associated with future managers who think they can manage Us … ROFL
) on how to reform a large system like Railways there by gaining $$$ for the Govt (…ahem.. ahem.. cough.. cough… Govt ? . wtf.. more money to fill big pockets)
Anyway that is not the point here.. The issue of course is some of the feedback from the students after the lecture.. Here it goes

“I hope he comes to our university and teaches,” said a girl in the audience…

Oh my.. she is crazy… probably she couldn’t understand anything .. yet..

“Its amazing this turnaround, but I think there is still lot of quality that needs to go into it,” said another student…

Guess we didn’t get it after all that scams.. have we ?

and finally the Golden Reply from Lalu Ji.

Minister Yadav said, when a student from Pakistan asked when he would become PM, he replied: “I have postponed it for a while”. What’s the hurry I am still young.

Now where is such an energy and spirit taking us .. Wake up dumb a$$es.. follow his path.. i just hope to all the managers end up on the Railway track .. and keep them there… and offices be free of Crap..
Reports also suggest that he gets an invitation from some eight Ivy league colleges and universities..

(which include Brown, Cornell, harvard etc .. aisa hi maamooli colleges .. hai.. )
Guess.. the world needs modern MBA after all.. Jai ho..

Yet another awkward conversation .. This time overheard.. thank god !.

Guy1 : My cheque which i payed for my Credit card bill seems to have bounced. They r complaning..

Guy2 : Oh.. Did u check if u have necessary balance in ur account ?? may be it bounced off because of insufficient balance.

Me (eavesdropping… ) : Hmm… here they go again..

Guy1 : But i have the required balance.. I have even called up the bank to enquire about my balance.. They said that the Cheque wasnt signed by me..

Me (eavesdropping/still pretending to work…) : WTF..

The guy is either new to the whole concept of banking..  which happens to be one of the biggest businesses in the world..
Anyway its not my problem here.. But definitely i would want to see people educated at such stuff..


p.s – One needs to sign a cheque to authenticate the right usage.. (in case this guy or any other ignorant of this fact is reading this blog)..

I get this bad feeling sometimes.. when people pass away .. though i dont know them.. I was hoping James Kim(a senior editor with CNET)..  be back to join his family.. But bad fate, he was found dead in the snow-covered mountains of Southern Oregon, 11 days after he and his family went missing.. He went out to look for help for his family who was stranded in a car.. Away and cutoff from the World..
He was definitely a great Dad.  May god keep his soul in peace.

Read more about it here..

The most eagerly awaited page is finally receiving an update..

Oww.. its already updated :p. There is a tiny app which can look up an ip for the hostname for you. I cant explain to you how much important this functionality is for me.

I average lookups for day is nearly 50-100 times .. So you can estimate how important to have this functionality readily available to me 🙂

So what r u waiting here for.. Grab ur things and visit “My Work” Tab…