Computer Has Feelings ?? Here is one web server who is depressed and cries out on a

Funny 404 Page .. Have a look at it… And come back to reading me…

Read the whole matter. Would take a few mins.. But its really depressed

What in the world will happen if computers become lazy.. and not do work..

Take the case of in an Operation Theatre…. the computer dozes off or is surfing the internet for entertainment instead of working πŸ™‚ . Wonder how the Doctor feel when he has a patient with a butt-opened-up feel when he gets ..

shoo.. Off.. Later.. i m not feeling okay now !..” from the computer..

Will that be a humourous situation ? Or will it be lethal.. But my Spider Sense.. ooph !. no.. my “computer-humour” sense tells me that we are gonna see such things soon.. Time will tell..

This is quite an old tool on the internet for now.. But there are some new features in

Google Maps that are worth admiring.. This post includes one such a feature..
Ability to search for locations inside what is the viewing area.

This as shown below allows me to localize my search.. (So i zoom into a country or a continent and then search.. which gives me localized searches). I tried to search globally by zooming out to a level where i can see the map. but It some how fails to do it.. This needs improvement.

This Pic is showing only the location searches for North America..

Searching in North America

And this pic is showing Location searches returned in Asia (Japan)

Searching in Asia

Just felt this is a feature to be exploited.. just kidding… to be used.. But there are definitely areas of improvement as stated in the post.

Anyway.. Hats off to Google !..

This week end was what i would say “crowdy”.

I paid a visit to Pragati Maidan hosting the IITF (India International Trade Fair).. Home to almost every thing (atleast i would say that :p). But this time i was visiting for looking at computers stuff only !.. The whole time i was pushed.. showed.. and i have been nothing but decent enough to only walk if i had space.. instead of creating one..

So i got out of the autorickshaw to wonder how to even enter this hude grounds where some lakhs of people r really there.. I was too shy to ask anyone and was trying to eaves drop into other’s conversations who got here before me.. about my chances to get into Trade fair today.. and come back out alive.

So i found out a line.. with some fifty odd people standing in a self-formed-kinda-line and i enqueued myself. Waited there for fifteen mins and the line didnot move ahead… Now i was eaves dropping on others .. waiting for the line to move ahead.. thinking on how to go into trade fair.. all at the same time.Β  So today’s task has to be – “Mission : Enter & rendezvous tradefair“.
This time my stupid habit to over hear what others say.. worked again.. and i got to know about another location where i obtained the ticket.. really nice.. really neat.. no fights required.. πŸ™‚ . Then the next objective was to get into those big gates guarded by hundreds of suspicious police man.. though i am nothing but “Yet-another-Software-proffesional”. My luck turned out to be well and the only line that went in was the one i was standing in..

The immediate task was to find where the target was located. viz. Computers. Gadgets.. I ended up going in rounds .. Visited some stupid Cosmetics Hall.. some Agriculture hall and ended up in the hall i was looking for. There was this Intel Core 2 Duo stall i thought i could lay hands on some games on . But some naughty kids were already on their way for that. I wished i could hve given a fight. but i thought i could atleast find a PS3 or XBox console in some other stall.. I was wrong.. I couldnt find many computer’s related stalls other than “Intex”… I did not know that they made mobile phones.

It was a dissapointment.. I failed to locate what i came for. And when i found it.. I found that there was a scarcity.. I expected some new gadgets and found none.. Rather then i came to understand that.. It was a trade fair.. not a tech fair.. I entered a Hall for Home Applicances..

Ive changed.. earlier at the same Trade Fair i expected something else.. now.. i am expecting computers.. at the same fair.. For me and a couple others like me.. ComputersΒ  have become a part of Home appliances.. I could do without a Wet Grinder.. but not without a computer πŸ™‚ . There we have it.. I will be waiting.. desperately for a tech fair here at NCR..Β  Are you ?

Sometimes.. I just loose it.. when some one says something i never expect out of them.. The next moment i just stand choked to hell and would like to get out of there….Today i was out in a local market to get a document faxed.

I found out the most silent shop of the blog which also happens to be a PCO; I went in to enquire if there was a FAX sending facility there and the conversation happens to be something like this..

Me: Hi.. Is there a Fax machine here ??

TheShopGuy : ….what ? . huh.. Time Machine ?? .oh.. No..

Me (me Thinking ): Awww !.. What the @#$@# !

Me: oh.. no problem..

Either i got hit with DejaVu.. or this guy might have watched some old fictious movie which has the hero travelling time on a machine.. god knows.. but it had me spinning for a moment. ….Wait… What if there was a timemachine and if i were not aware of this ?. Oh my… I am being left behind by technology.. But i try to keep myself updated with the latest computer.. geeky posts/feeds/magz on the web.. But i couldnt find any TimeMachine in there.. Hell ya .. i suppose it is just me. or the guy is really drunk !..

I am enjoying time.. Wont want to run ahead of it either .. Atleast for now πŸ™‚ .

I generally try to figure out wierd things.. like today i was wondering how much time i can go without talking to any one… The only way i could do something like this could be is to take a walk.. coz the others choices are always involving me with conversations with strangers i dont care to talk to …Like if i choose to take a vehicle.. i entangle myself and get lost in the millions of left’s and right turns of this city.. so i need to “talk” to some stranger who willingly/or not-so-willingly offers help and gives me directions..

So no driving.. for sometime

Or if i take a bus.. I would need to get my fare charged by the bus conductor who is looking for innocent souls to pack them into the already water-packed containers(buses).. no buses either

The Other alternative is going out with friends.. Who many a time rnt interested in somethings i do πŸ™‚ . so out of Question !.

So the solution had to be in the walk where in i am not to be disturbed by any individual.. I wanted to mobile blog from my mobile phone so i am searching for the same. I quite feel like writing as my creative ideas result from real live instances from people or not-so-real-life imaginary things that i see.. Maybe its my mind doing the tricks.. Sometimes it does happen. I just am waiting for the day my computer/robot sitting at home handles all these things for me.. I wish the technology would come/be-adopted faster in india.

As in the first case i can use my ancient mobile phone to automatically inform if its the left or right.. to guide me to my destination. There are some very good websites which already provide quite the information.. Some of them are listed here

So i can take my scooter for drives and never get lost. or maybe get alerted when lost πŸ™‚

And if i wanted to take a bus i wish i could e-charge my fare and get over the hurdle of passengers . of them the most unlucky to be is me . As it always happens u stand beside a seat for such a long time waiting for the guy to getup.. it never happens. But when i shift over to another seat-side for standing.. this guy gets up and i loose the seat. Thats the height of frustration experienced by and lot more others here in India. Neverthless it is a lot of fun to have all this.. I just dont feel like running away from all this to some spic ‘n’ span clean country.. and loose my values for sometime..

So the walk wasn’t bad.. it gave me new understandings… new view to the whole society.. (blah.. blah .. blah).. it was a good exercise which made me feel dead tired.. But i will definitely do more walking now..

There r things in life which cannot be measured… One such things is when one says “I m Bored!!” .. And you Yawn a lot .. like hell to show that u r really not interested in doing anything right now/ listening to any thing ..
This day i am alone.. Trying to figure out if i can read/prepare myself for some technical material. But it didn’t work out as planned…So the whole day i read hardly a chapter from what seemed to be an interesting book said by me .. till yesterday.. May be it was me .. i wanted to get bored.. or is it something natural.. that’s like evolution.. wherein people get bored sitting alone..

I spent endless days sitting alone in my child hood.. there were other ways to entertain however..
But i was never bored like today.. So i decided that i search on how people look when they yawn (kinda stupid when it comes to reality – But.. who cares) . So Google Image Search gave me interesting images like these.

\ Images here

\ Images Here

So i was wondering if we were to simulate a program to bore a computer.. So what do we need.

1) Definitely we need some input mechanism.. just like keyboard.. mouse.. and the most interesting thing would be the video camera.

There have been great programs written by the MIT AI Labs.. which would bore a computer.. but that sleeps.. mine yawns πŸ™‚ .

2) Is a program which contains some conditionals on which the computer should get bored. This unlike should be run on a different processor altogether.

The reason being.. If a CheckBoredOrNot Program runs on the same processor on which the program has to be check on, there is always a program running and hence its would mean the computer is not idling.. So threading wont help here .. the only alternative would be to keep a different processor to help the same.

3) Here would be some conditions that came up to my mind ..

  • If a similar process is being run over and over giving the same output – then bingo 1st condition.
  • If a similar memory locations are getting accessed over and over again..
  • If repetitive patterns are entered on the keyboard, then
  • If mouse always is being used in a specific section of the monitor, or click of similar links.
  • If the computer is on for too many days.. it should get the above facts/conditions should get more weighed..

There i did it again.. My life is just not complete without computer.. and the Internet.. I sometimes dream about the Movie Matrix batteries….. Not specifically being the One or Two or something.. But ya.. i feel we r already controlled by computers.. or may be a grid of computers.. and will be take over soon… I hope I’ll not be a slave.. and be prisoned and used as rechargeable batteries or something… Rather i work for them πŸ™‚

Oh. The traffic is up to the peak. Yet there are a few more metres for me to drive and cross the bloody red light that never seem to have worked.

The festival rush has created havoc near the Anand Vihar Bus station in Delhi. And there i was trying to reach my destiny (cough..cough.. ahem) . For now i’ll call it that way πŸ™‚ . I was like frustrated for having travelled only a few miles for the past 1 hour in my automobile (Honda Activa). I tried my best to over take most of the cars/Lorries… and all other kinds of vehicles on the road.. but could not reach the crossing. So here where my thoughts while i was idling on the road.. waiting for an action..

“What if there were some Extra Terrestrials and they be helping the traffic problem on earth!” ..

Since they have already had their zipping.. zooping..Flying saucers as always claimed by fiction and some poor folks who even got a picture snapped with an alien.. I was just praying for one such kind alien to teleport me to a few yards away so that i can
go there along with my scooter which i cant anyway leave it back !.

This again makes me feel alone in this world dominated by normal people.. who have decided the solution would be not to own a vehicle but use a public transport and walk their way to freedom..

Will technology advance to take me with it (as in this case i would like to be teleported by aliens a few yards ahead.. Or will the “Others” get me in this storm thats never going to end. !

Time will tell… for now.. I missed reaching the destiny on time. But i am happy to have given a fight. πŸ™‚


This question often goes through my mind when it comes to the real life, while I drive my little Scooter on the heavy roads of Noida. It happens that I m a lot faster at using electronic gadgets but I suck big time at driving on these roads. Its always like one or the other cut’s me off, eventually either I loose control and get off with a couple of bruises or yell at the speedster who nothing but gives a deaf ear to what I say.

So do I really am not ready to leave my computer to stay with reality after the office ? . Do I need a computer to accompany me always ?? .

I would love to have some sort of a Computer enabled boxing problem for I got pissed off today when the Parking lot guy mishandled the scooter and left my rearview mirror hanging off the hook. But yet, this wasnt the life earlier..

I’ve been using computers since I was in 3rd Grade. But there was time out. Things change rapidly. Its difficult to track how much the dependability has grown up.

I’ll come up with more opinions on why and how we get entangled to this electronic world, so dependent on it. I’ll want some opinions to get any better than what I am now πŸ™‚ more from you.