GMail Address Swapper – Greasemonkey script

The original idea’s from Tamar from her post to Google Support. You will need Greasemonkey Firefox plugin to use this. This works as a Google Chrome extension too.

Install the GMail Address Swapper GreaseMonkey Script.


The script would swap the email addresses values between ‘TO” and the “CC” in your GMail compose page. This will work for any compose page (New email or replying to existing conversation).

A new icon (see screen shot below – the new image below the “TO” text) will be auto-inserted when you install the GMail Address Swapper GreaseMonkey Script.





That’s it, The source code is available in the script itself and the SVN Repository is maintained on Google Code. If you need any modification to this, let me know on Twitter @Swaroop.

Update 1

I have just tested that this works on Google Chrome too (Without GreaseMonkey) – Just install the script from Let me know if you face any problems in Firefox or Chrome (Doesn’t need GreaseMonkey or GreaseMetal)

Update 2 (Oct 24, 2010)
Chrome 7.0 stable broke this extension. I found a typo in my code which was causing all the icons to appear. I have now fixed it and released the next update for GMail Address Swapper. Let me know if you’re still facing any problems.


    1. Ya, Its appearing as the ‘cc’ box is always available, it’s just hidden. Should be possible to add it only when ‘cc’ box is displayed too. Let me check if that is an easy fix.

      I am glad it worked.

    1. @Tamar,

      I think Chrome 7.0 broke the extension. And all the icons are appearing. Gimme 24 hours to look into it.

      I will fix it. I’ve logged a bug against myself yesterday 😀

  1. @Tamar, I believe I have fixed it, go over to ( and click on the install again.

    It’s working on mine, there was some incomplete HTML which was causing things to blow up ugly. I tried to harness the image from Google’s own direction’s page (which contains all the other images too – just keeps a particular section visible) – which was why u see all those images.

    Let me know if its fixed the problem for you too.

  2. Hi, I am learning from scratch how to create Chrome extension, could it be possible to have the “unpacked” version with manifest etc..
    Big thanks in advance

  3. @Laurent download the extension you want by doing a right on the install link. After that change the extension .crx to zip, and unzip it to see all the files 😉

    1. Guys this was written as a greasemonkey extension only and somehow works as a Google Chrome extension too (I m not an expert here).

      I wouldn’t be sure that there will be other Chrome extension files which can be downloadable as I only created the GMailAddressSwapper.user.js

      And it has headers which are Greasemonkey specific.

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