Will Computers be a Home Appliance !

This week end was what i would say “crowdy”.

I paid a visit to Pragati Maidan hosting the IITF (India International Trade Fair).. Home to almost every thing (atleast i would say that :p). But this time i was visiting for looking at computers stuff only !.. The whole time i was pushed.. showed.. and i have been nothing but decent enough to only walk if i had space.. instead of creating one..

So i got out of the autorickshaw to wonder how to even enter this hude grounds where some lakhs of people r really there.. I was too shy to ask anyone and was trying to eaves drop into other’s conversations who got here before me.. about my chances to get into Trade fair today.. and come back out alive.

So i found out a line.. with some fifty odd people standing in a self-formed-kinda-line and i enqueued myself. Waited there for fifteen mins and the line didnot move ahead… Now i was eaves dropping on others .. waiting for the line to move ahead.. thinking on how to go into trade fair.. all at the same time.  So today’s task has to be – “Mission : Enter & rendezvous tradefair“.
This time my stupid habit to over hear what others say.. worked again.. and i got to know about another location where i obtained the ticket.. really nice.. really neat.. no fights required.. 🙂 . Then the next objective was to get into those big gates guarded by hundreds of suspicious police man.. though i am nothing but “Yet-another-Software-proffesional”. My luck turned out to be well and the only line that went in was the one i was standing in..

The immediate task was to find where the target was located. viz. Computers. Gadgets.. I ended up going in rounds .. Visited some stupid Cosmetics Hall.. some Agriculture hall and ended up in the hall i was looking for. There was this Intel Core 2 Duo stall i thought i could lay hands on some games on . But some naughty kids were already on their way for that. I wished i could hve given a fight. but i thought i could atleast find a PS3 or XBox console in some other stall.. I was wrong.. I couldnt find many computer’s related stalls other than “Intex”… I did not know that they made mobile phones.

It was a dissapointment.. I failed to locate what i came for. And when i found it.. I found that there was a scarcity.. I expected some new gadgets and found none.. Rather then i came to understand that.. It was a trade fair.. not a tech fair.. I entered a Hall for Home Applicances..

Ive changed.. earlier at the same Trade Fair i expected something else.. now.. i am expecting computers.. at the same fair.. For me and a couple others like me.. Computers  have become a part of Home appliances.. I could do without a Wet Grinder.. but not without a computer 🙂 . There we have it.. I will be waiting.. desperately for a tech fair here at NCR..  Are you ?

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