Plan before you leave !..

People claim technology has made life easier.. But is it ? .
I do agree to the point where its said “Technology was intended to make life easier”.

Suppose you pack your bags to go on a vacation..
You take a print of the Google Maps directions to reach ur destination…Without checking the directions you start with ur travel..You would end up totally screwed.. Coz this is what i found.

Swim the way to hell

I would rather depend on Human Guidelines..

I would seriously advice u to check for the automated road directions.. the next time..


  1. Dude, I ask ne american or ne other person staying in US and heor she will explain you how much google map means to them.
    That is because human guidelines are null in US. Ppl dont stop to ask the directions in US n even if you stop by….you wont find neone to ask to.

    Btw GoogleMap is mainly for US and world roads, directions and distances are not covered yet.

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