The Arrival of the New Monitor

Its been sometime, that i’ve got a new monitor.. Forgot to talk about it.. I felt like writing about it because there were not many reviews about this model “ViewSonic vx1932wm“.

The Pros

  • This has a 19″ Wide Screen with 1440×900 resolution
  • Has a 2ms Response Time gray to gray.. Suitable for Gaming – I’ve played CS v1.6 on this till now.. Looks more than fine.
  • The Monitor setup was pretty much simple, just had to install drivers and had to change the resolution. (its the same case with any other monitor.. yet to check if this is fine with Linux as well).
  • The Contrast ratio is kool as well.

& The Cons

  • This LCD is viewable only in a straight angle, so all the people wishing to watch something on the screen better sit in front of the monitor.. Side viewing is almost impossible.
  • Has built speakers which are hardly useful for me, i already own a Creative 4.1 Sound Blaster. I wish there was something else instead of this.. May be the iPod dock provided in 1945wm.

Anyway, next stop – A DVD Writer… !

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