The Time machine.. !

This one of those non-geeky posts i always like to put in 🙂 . I dont know why. But I just like ’em.

Today I was wearing my watch after months, the battery died out.

Its a Fossil Blue model watch gifted by a cousin who stays in the US.

I was wearing this battery dead watch so that I can remember to get it loaded up with a battery and get it working.

The only thing i was wondering all the time was if some one noticed I am wearing a watch which ain’t working what would be my reply without making a fool of myself :p. So I’d finally figured out what I’d say 🙂

“My watch is working. I just happen to follow different timezones at different times of the day”

The watch in the picture is of my first digital watch bought by my parents. The watch’s battery ran for an amazing 7 years.. What wonder time machines these clocks are. !

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