To Get it right !

I am in the process of learning the secret(s) of many companies who claim to keep their employees happy !. How is that possible ? Was what I wondered all the time .. I spent at my previous organization !.

Some people say its the money.. the perks that the company provides !.. Is that correct.. ? Not sure. ! But one thing I observed today is

If every one works their part of work well!.. It can surely make a better working place !.

As in Bee movie – Barry the bee says that bee’s do a lot of small work so perfectly that, its almost impossible for humans to tell how the work was even achieved !.


  1. Google is one company that promises to keep it’s employees happy, and even does that, as far as I know. Don’t know till when it will be able to keep this up, it is becoming increasingly evil now.

  2. You are right . Arent all companies supposed to care for their employees ?

    @Google being evil. – It had to happen anyway.. When you’re 20.. you are happy and handsome.. Get old. ugly things keep happening to your reputation 🙂

  3. Yeah, the team you work with & the people in your organization do decide how you feel about the organization! Though “other” things matter, people are definitely the key factors…

    Nice site man!

  4. Only the top shots are the ones that are happy. I have friends in these so called IT companies who’d kill their employers if they’re allowed to…! 😛

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